Dear editor,

Can you leave a little space for me to write to comment on what Ms Fono has said.

Well, what do you think betelnut, alcohol, tobacco, kwaso are?

To me this is a big issue for a nation to discuss. However, we all know what all this are to deal with drugs. Here iam more concerned for those people who take or buy the drugs from the stalls and use them.

Drugs contain poisons in them.

Take for instance, Nicotine is found to be the most dangerous chemical found in tobacco and alcohol. It is also found to be the first class insecticides.

There are reasons why people continue to sell drugs in Rove markets and other markets you may single out.

It is the people who use the drugs will be affected more than those who sell them.

Take for instance; selling of betelnut friuts.

Well, betelnut is a fruit-tree that is grown wildly in the land of Pacific countries even in Vanuatu where chewing of betelnut is not common.

May I say taking all sorts of drugs is a choice that leads to a big problem in Honiara?

As a Hapii Isles nation what na iu tingim to build our nation to become a clean environment to live in?

You have to quit smoking, drinking, and chewing of betelnuts by;
1. Stay away from friends who involve in taking drugs.
2. Eat more healthy and good foods.
3. Drink more clean and pure water.
4. Keep clean and have bath regularly.