Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity just to correct some of the presumptions made by Johnson Tata Walahe of Port Vila about lawyers - it is common knowledge that lawyers also do give free legal advice.

Ever heard of the term 'pro bono' services. Once in a while lawyers do provide pro bono services for the communities; this can be done by way of giving free legal advice or free representation in courts.

Take a look at any lawyer's gown anytime you see one - it will tell you a lot about the history of this noble profession. Ask any lawyer what the small 'pocket-like' hole hanging from the back of the gown means (historically)?

I am sure my two learned colleagues will not decline any invitation to take an hour of their 'tight' schedules to teach women about law. After all, as members of a noble profession, they need to give a few hours of their time back to the community as well for giving them their 'bread and butter'.