Dear Editor,

Whilst i empathise with Sisco and other 'betel-nut' lovers about the destruction of these illegal stalls and how they have sustained famililies over the years, i need to highlight too an underlying problem if it is one at all. This is where change will never come about if we continue to linger on issues of unfairness, injustice etc, hoping to protect those supposed to be affected by these changes. This is where the problem stems; when we are not ready to change our behavior and attitude. One fine day, we all need to change our attitude and perception on life for the better. Like i previously mentioned in another article, we really need to see ourselves as agents of change for the future of our city and children of the next Y generation.

Yes, we wouldn't want to see our folks suffer and bleed for money but then here is when we need to look at ourselves and think; should i encourage these people by continuing with my craving and purchases of these products so that these sellers keep on with their selling?. The change needs to come from within. I know it's easy said than done but then these are known as 'die-hard habits'!. We need to quit, say no, vomit it out, stab it, snob it etc, it's demonic!. We need to say NO to the evil inside the betel-nut, the cigarette, the alcohol and other adverse life-style habits. There comes a time when we will have to ACCEPT CHANGES. Governments of the day and organisations need to realise these problems and support our folks by enabling and empowering them towards positive changes. Why not legalise betel-nut merchandising by setting up local packaging warehouses whereby these regular traders would be registered and are solely responsible for the selling of this traditional nuts within designated places only. Anyone found outside this provisions must be fined. Thereon, other strict bye-laws can be mandated from this in relation to the issue.

For example, banning of betel-nut eating within perimeters of public offices, institutions, schools etc. This is just a silly example, but about time-now we become agents of change and forsake some of this cravings or die-hard habits We need to rally authorities to help support positive changes and not sulk over 'spilt milk 'day in and day out. This may include looking at other social habits like, black marketing of alcohol/kwaso, illegal housing/squatters, etc. Who knows maybe one fine day 'kwaso' can be legally and commercially produced to curb these die-hard habits. Ministry of land & housing (whatever) may offer Housing projects to illegal occupants in favor of reclaiming government land titles, with conditions. We really need not to think silly but positive. Adios.