SINTA should not look to health talks/schemes to solve this issue; these things will come to pass, Increase the Gospel message!!

These young girls know already health risks associated with postitution. They even know this may result in death as well. This is a truth and SINTA knows that very well. These young girls are lost and are trying to fill an emptiness within themselves by being involved in such things.

Everyone is born with this emptiness, a perculiarly and specifically- shaped emptiness that is filled by one entity alone.

I have really good news for you. I figured out the shape of our emptiness and have already filled mine with this perfect entity. It has made me whole and gave me a meaning and pupose to live this life.

This entity is Jesus Christ. He is the source, meaning, and giver of life in its utmost fullness. I urge you brother, i urge you sister; choose life that you may live a meaningful and never-ending life.