Dear Editor,

I partially agree with what Dr Manimu had said on arthemeter treatment, but what he should see is arthemeter itself is not a complete treatment for malaria, due to the fact that, I've seen and attended myself many people who have been taking arthemeter drugs from the private practitioners in Honiara and end up comming down to the A/E & GPC Department at NRH presented with all these signs and symptoms of malaria.

Spending few minutes taking historys and comlaints, Dr's on duty finally diagnosed them with treatment resistant (Arthemeter). Upon giving them Coatherm as a new treatment regime, they responded and get well. Therefore I agree that, Dr Zinihitte and Dr Wini knows what they are talking about as both of them have been dealing with different ways of treatments and preventions of malaria long enough in the country.

My advice is if you know that you are having some of the signs and symptom of malaria, which is headache, fever, vomiting, chillis, joint aches etc, please go to a proper place where you can get your full and complete treatment. Lets do the right thing and help the Health professionals to reduce and eliminate malaria from our country.