It is very interesting to read on media about the dismantling of the two betel nut markets (Rove and White River). Thump up to the responsible authorities.

However, the main purpose of this article is to let the Honiara City council and the Solomon Islands Royal Police Force about other illegal activities that also occurring in Honiara compound.

1. The illegal settlement in and around the town. You can see by yourself that there are lots of new illegal settlements there along the roads with temporary houses. This houses don't even have proper toilets. If go along the roads where the illegal settlement are you see people going and coming out of the near bush may be for private purposes. This is a very unhealthy practices where the health authority and Honiara City council in particular need to address before going beyond control.

2. The black markets of beer at the private house. There are lots of black marketers that are making lots of money than the betel nut vendors. This illegal black marketing is one of the main reason for the high criminal activity in the country. Therefore, the Honiara City Council needs and the SIRPF need to address it like what did to the betel nut markets.

Please, the responsible authorities do your work completely so that it can not seen as unfairness to the poor betel nut vendors.