Yes, congratulation for the work of Honiara City Council to keep Honiara Clean. However, nowadays, Informal sectors(economy) formost contribute to the economic progress in many developing countries like Solomon Islands in terms of employment, income and so on. So betel nut seller is one of those informal activities which means they are not regulated by our national policies to be practised in such a urban place like Honiara and even our town like Kirakira and others if the policies are applied. Therefore its seems that our government is going to discourage the informal economic in the country or are there any alternatives; mean ways to uphold this sector of development? However, informal econmy is also in the similar context like informal education that has been recognised in our national policies to be practised in the country, for example Rural Training Centers, and others. So it means that all this are things that happen not to be ignored but to addapt means to make polies or law that may build a good environment and betterment for the wellbeing of citizen as well as non-citizen of Solomon Islands.