Dear Editor,

Just to present personal views on the achievement by the Royal solomon Island police and the Honiara city council for dismantling the illegal stalls in and around the Honiara town. Thank you for that, and I'm sure you really have concern for the betterment of the Honiara town.

However, looking at the image of our town, removing stall is just a page in a book. There are many more areas that need to be addressed and some of these are, we need to implement good and sound polices to improve building standard in the capital.

Evidently, in our Town and Country Planning Act there are building provisions, if the type of buildings that we have in Honiara town now inline with the provissions then I think it needs to be changed.

As observed, just opposite the old G-province those buildings that were erected after the burning shows some improvement which is good. I was so surprise to see the types of buildings re-built in the china-town area. Those design should be disqualified, inside is just like entering a cave, although aircondition might be there now, the apperance is not as good for attracting foreignners.

It is a call for you the Honiara Town Council and the Town planning board to seriously visualise the importance and potential of implemneting laws that govern building standard in the capital.

In addition, restaurants or kai-bars. It is also important for other authorities like the ministry of health to scutinize the operation of these business. For example, a kai-bar next to the NTU office or along side with the NPF buiding is seen as unhygienic unpleasant smells can be inhaled inside.

The views presented above are just an examples, there are many more things that you the decision makes need to embark on for the improvement of of Town.

Responsible authorities, try and come-up with good vissions for our country it is enough for sitting there waiting for fortnight..lets try and make some change through collaborative effort. Its now 31 years of independence and the question is why change is still impossible??

Tagio tumas.