I personally would like to applaud Mr. Rarumae's comment on the above issue. I believe it is time that Solomon Islanders, especially the likes of Ellah Kaueha and other women who were outspoken on matters of similar nature to first consider taking their time to study the judges decisions thoroughly before going to Media.

It has been a practice in our country that women activitists such as Ellah sometimes failed to understand the issue and reasons as to why Judges reached their decisions in sexual related cases. As such we blame the legal sytem for being unfair on the vunerable victims.

In Solomon Islands, our problem is ignorance of our laws. You will realise that many Solomon Islanders dont know their laws. We, think laws are for the lawyers , Judges and Parliamentarians but not the ordinary folks.

I encourage us to study our laws and atleast have a knowledge of how our justice system function. This may help you understand the judicial decisions and their line of argument.

Let us not become ignorant citizens but rather be part of the informed group.