I think we are putting more weight on one side of the story. Why not we see things equally on both sides of the issue?

I think what is more important here to consider is the service that white river market is providing to thousands of people who live in settlements around white river area. The service I mean here is the availability and the accessability of our people to local food like fresh vegetables and crops being sold in the market(excluding betelnuts and illegal drugs).

In any setting of a society, the priority is how we going to deal with the problems of our people. One of these major problems is the accessability of the society to their basic needs and wants. As responsible leaders of our societies, how can we help our people to easily access the services that necessary to their lives?

Take a look around other neighbouring countries in the region especially Fiji where services is decentralise both in urban and rural areas. This shows how their societies prioritize the people in terms of accessability to their needs and wants.
What about white river market that situated on the western side of the capital city of the country?

I learn that white river market has a local commitee itself that deals with the affairs of vendors and the public and this commitee is formed purpsely to ensure that both vendors and the public are abided to the rules given by the HCC(correct me if i'm wrong). The other thing I learn is the selling of illegal drugs and alcohol which is done only by few stalls that sadly resulted in the demolition of the entire market.

Is that the only way we can handle this problem is to demolise the whole market? I'm saying this because I think the white river market commitee are whole heartedly willing and courageous to enforce the rules and regulations of the HCC with the help of the police.

I think I've said too much but lastly I kindly ask our leaders to see things positvely in all different angles when dealing with problems concerning our societies rather than basing our decisions on one side of the story.

If HCC thinks that they are doing the right thing for the betterment of our communities and our people then keep moving.

Tagio Tumas