Dear editor,

Most of the suggestions for reducing rubbish disposal as highlighted by Steve Kapivio is not a new formula to the HCC. Past administrations have done that, however nothing much has changed due to people's attitude. There is a good number of garbage drums/bins alone the streets of Honiara meant for rubbish disposal but many individuals are still ignorant and stubborn and continue to throw their rubbish in the wrong place. Why is this?

To me this is something to do with a person's attitude and behavior. Most of these culprits who are littering and messing up the streets of Honiara have a no care attitude or "wari blo ufala ia" kind of mentality. Unless people change their attitude and mentality towards disposing of rubbish in the right place nothing much will be achieve no matter how hard the current HCC tried. If we want to change the image of Honiara to a clean city then the changes should begin within ourselves on how we think and look at things and start putting our common sense into action and learn to dispose our rubbish in the right place.