What is you problem Greenpeace? Has your organization's integrity been compromised?

Why is Greenpeace failing to protest the seriousness and generality of fish stock depletion and impact on coastal people?

Why does Greenpeace go on about 'extinction' of animals but ignore human malnutrition and disease and early death amongst seafood dependent islanders?

How can Greenpeace apparently ignore reality that SW Pacific and other baitfish stocks on which tuna depend, are devastated, are very seriously depleted?

How can Greenpeace not address unprecedented marine animal starvation including whale calf abandonment? Marine- feeding birds and whales depend on baitfish for food.

How can Greenpeace not protest and object to the October 2000 mass starvation killing of millions of mutton birds along coastline of 4 Australian states, all occurring at the same time?

How can Greenpeace fail to inform it's members of the real plight of the world ocean environment? What use is policy about fishing 'pirates' earning a living and feeding the world, while nothing is said about government sewage nutrient pollution killing the baitfish and tuna food web ?

Is Greenpeace aware of Solomon Islands people who used to eat fish three time a day every day but now can only find enough fish for two or three meals in a whole month, sometimes less?

Footnote: Surely a Greenpeace member or reporter can forward this letter to the top of the organization and request reply and debate via this website or People First Network.