Dear Editor,

The bold stand taken by the Honiara City Council to remove the illegal stalls in White river and Rove markets are by no exception should be greatly appreciated by the Citizens of Solomon Islands. The existence of such stalls actually creates an eerie environment for Honiara city and is a breeding point for illegal sell of drugs such as marijuana and kuaso. Also it harbours unhygienic activities such as 'a no care attitude' for rubbish disposal and the disrespectable spitting of betel nuts around those areas. These are some of the few things that might hinder the inflow of tourists into our nation as nothing but the filthiness of our city is unwelcoming indeed.

With this, where are we heading Honiara City Council? I am so concerned with the way we pollute our environment in Honiara city particularly with rubbish from households, shops, industries or markets' wastes. Try and look around Honiara, would you not be able to find a single rubbish such as plastics etc? They can be found on land and in the sea. Most of these rubbish are non-biodegradable and are harmful to sea birds and fish that might mistake them as a prey. Present on land, they can be harmful to certain organisms or microorganisms which are beneficial to people. The thing here is that, you have done a wonderful thing already by dismantling one of the sources of rubbish which is from the illegal market stalls. Now you should look at ways to try and reduce such a high level of unlawful disposing of rubbish by people.

This can be achieved by placing more rubbish bins along the roads, streets or bins for group of houses in Honiara, impose a strict law that carries a hefty fine for those who unlawfully disposing rubbish and provide more awareness talks for the people in Honiara to give respect for the natural environment and limit their bad attitude of disposing rubbish. We hope that the city council will move forward, not only dismantling those market stalls but will do the best they can to reduce the level of rubbish within the city itself. With this the citizens of Honiara might as well agree with me in hoping to see great changes in the near future for the betterment of the people in Honiara and our economy as we are striving to attract more tourists coming in to our nation Solomon Islands. May we all work together in this regard for our own good!