I wish to congratulate councillor Mua and his HCC team and related ministry in their efforts and determination to revive the ailing Honiara city of it's environmental and financial woes. In the past, councillors have come and gone but only to savour their time and priviledges as 'mini politicians' rather than deliberating on the daily needs of the city and its tax-paying populace. We were aleady exposed to biohazard dangers let alone the decline of council revenues that have seen the deterioration of the once green and colorful city over the years. All we need is a visionary mayor like Mr Mua and his team who seriously see their role as agents of change and not just mere politicians on the block. Congratulations on their achievement.

I am overwhelmed and grateful too for New Zealand Aid and Commonwealth LGF for their donation of garbage trucks and other related machinery that will hopefully see to a cleaner, healthier town and people in the near future. Tagio tumas. I hope too that with a proper zoning system, garbage collection throughout the city boundaries can be made on a rota-basis so that people can be more responsible and manage their own garbage/refuse when due. It will be even better if proper waste-management systems are seriously implemented and awareness enforced across the city through regulations, restrictions policies and the likes, prior to having fancy garbage vehicles clambering across the ruggedy roads only to place more health and safety risks to our own garbage/refuse collectors and city dwellers. Already we have witnessed the destruction of 'sight-sore 'market stalls that have been illegally constructed in just about every corner you turn, in town.

I am hopeful too that real economic benefit does come about when we ourselves help to reduce these hazards. By doing so we contribute towards positive change in attitude and behavior. Effective waste-management systems and awareness can truly help because if people understand the 'why' and the 'how' these systems work they will definitely contribute. If they don't ,they won't. Our council deserves an 'earth-walk' version instead of 'moon-walk' that goes, 'Little steps forward for our council, will be like a giant leap for mankind of Honiara city'!. As councillor Hart puts it, 'we wouldnt want to rubbish Honiara nor put it in the bin'!. It is best to have waste safely managed so that 'mankind' of Honiara may tread safely once more.