I quite agree with what Anthony Makabo said about Government being instrumental in making policies that will guide the country into how the SI address the issue of climate change.

But I beg to differ when he seem to imply that logging in SI is a key contributor to climate change due to removing of trees from the forest. There are two issues here, the first is deforestation and the second is vegetation or revegetation.

In Solomon Islands vegetation growth after logging is more vigorous than old standing forest which means there is more oxygen pumped out into the air due to regrowth. The danger to after logging is subsistence agriculture which is slash and burn by villagers and that is an area that the Agriculture dept needs to address.

As for logging as the main revenue earner for the country one can only hope that the current and the next Govt should be serious in developing industries such as fishing and the agricultural sector to encompass the vast majority of the populace so that there is less emphasis on the logging industry.