It is disappointing news to read how dolphins are being sold and flown out of their home waters in the Solomon Islands. Common sense tells you, that if there is no scientific data to show how a take of live dolphins would affect the wild populations that should be more of a reason not to do so.

The dead dolphins on the way to the airport is a clear sign, dolphins do not fare well in any type of human "care". As for the view point of a human, it is a great shame for me to represent this species, and see how the ambassadors of freedom are shipped to slavery and a certain death in far away concrete tanks.

Allowing businesses as this is bad advertising for the tourism in the Salomon Islands, where there are great opportunities to generate profitable whale watching tours as a long term income and demonstrator-free activity.

I am writing from a country with no whales in it's waters, and I truly hope rest of the Solomon whales and dolphins are safe from hunters, only aimed with cameras in future.