Dear editor- I am so concerned the Miniti-led Marist. I read earlier in this website a writer was complaining about the performance of the Marist in the dying weeks of the its preparation for the OLeague.

The writer was right when he highlighted the new recruits like Menapi and so on in the Marist. No wonder Lautoka easlily defeated Marist with 3-1...Menapi and Luwi in the game played unconvincingly. What a shame! Plis, plis, Players blong Marist hem players blong Marist nao! Miniti, enough is enough of the same old names in the soccer arena in our country. Try those young talented players who won the National title recently.

With those, I think our soccer bosses like Miniti, Marist Management, and SIFF will learn from the game.