DEAR EDITOR- The standard of soccer as displayed by the Marist FC of Solomon Islands is really a very shameful one for such a soccer crazy nation. Many countries in the pacific or the oceania have seen solomon islands as a nation where when it comes to soccer, they will be expecting a good result from us. However, what is seen here is really embarrasing us. Fiji is a country full of great dreams with regards to its soccer development. They even end up in importing our star players from the solomons which shows how great they have respect for solomon soccer. They do this in order to have a taste of our styles of soccer and as a way of developing their skills. Ad this does really pay off.

Fiji by the way, is really a sport loving nation with a variety of sports played here. In terms of soccer just like rugby (the most common sport) was also played in many occasions such as the BOG, IDC and the national League. This does really put the players on track with the modern standard of soccer. With impact of the oversea based players really boost the level of soccer here.

What is happening to us in the Solomons? We need to have more occasions for soccer to be played in our nation and not only the league and clubs championship. This will never do any good no mater how proud we are with soccer. Also we need to re-examine what team should be representing us to the O-league is it the Champion of the Clubs championship or the champion of the League. Furthermore, it can be seen that there are several players in the marist team that need to be kicked- off as their days of soccer are now gone. We need to see new players and honestly they are there but it is our impression of those star players that bog us down. We think that they can still be the same as they are before. Mind you that age is also catching up on them. Hence, some of the players in the marist team are becoming a burden and thus can be clearly seen from such a punishing by the Fijians (Lautoka side).

It's time to think people.