Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for publishing my letter. I am a very disappointed fan of Solomon Islands Football. As the representative of Solomon Islands Football in the O'League I was hoping that Marist FC could have done better in its first game. However, the result was a real let-down for all of us.

However, the intention of this letter is not to dwell on the result but rather to identify areas that Marist FC may need to address quickly. I personally think that Patrick Miniti does not have the pedigree to compete at the O'League level. Though his credentials at the local level is good, his results at regional level say other wise. For example, of the past 2 appearances for Marist FC they've lost almost all games, barely winning against other minor clubs. His stint with Hekari FC was cut short as well with the Koloale result.

Marist FC management should act quickly to bring in a technical adviser to assist the coach. For example, someone with a history of competitiveness at the O league level or at a higher level. Someone who could read a game and advice him of key strategic areas during a game. Also its important that Patrick Miniti get some insight on their opponents before playing them. You can't just get into a game without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

With a result like this at home (in our backyard) I am not looking forward to maximum points when Marist FC travel to Moresby, Lautoka, or Vila because even with our strong crowd backing the team could not perform.

Thank you.