I wish to share my view with others on issues affecting our people. It is interest to read and sad as well to know that our Leaders have done or made decisions which to some extend may be good but not right as far as nation building is concern. How many of us Solomon Islanders realised that our leaders are not doing the right thing for this nation.

It is important to realise that doing good things does not necessary mean doing the right thing. There is a fine line between doing what is good and what is right. Somethings may be good but not right.

Therefore , it is important to know when should one do the right thing oppose to good things. I believe, our National Leaders have a problem, and may I suggest they have serious problem with their sight. They no longer have a sense of ownership and pride for their country. Most of our leaders today even dont have concern or any idea of what a just society should be. Even some have not seen the potential this country has. They believe that Solomon Islands is branded as third world country so it will not prosper or develop as some of the countries in the world.

Our leaders tend to believe that Pacific Island countries are destined or should rely on foreing aid and there is nothing more to offer and achieve in life. We even believe that only whites, are destined for prosperity as such our leaders ignore our people. I believe it is time that Solomon Islands must realise the truth that most of our Leaders are on the right side of but they are heading this country into wrong direction. And by doing this, these foreigners love to prey on the idea that SolomonIslanders can not make it and they love to see that no Solomon Island elevate from this vicous cycle. Let me state this that Solomon Islands is not exception to the rule. We can build and change these wrong perceptions and develop Solomon Islands into a just society for all our people.

A society whereby, people interact together with a sense of ownership and pride in anything they persue in life. A society where , our Leaders do the right thing and see that the interests of their nation is close to their heart. A society where, people share their resources with each other but in an equitble manner. A society where we keep our past and treasure our history. A society where our future generation will appreciate their former generation for their positive contributions to their society.

I think our leaders are not able to build this society because they are heading the wrong direction even though they are in the right boat. After all their actions clearly shows or satisfys what a failure is " being successful but in a wrong assignment". It is a pity for these leaders because they don't even realise this simple true that they are successful but in a wrong assignment. What a waste to have people like this leading this country.

May they realise their mistakes and change their course of their vessels.

Anthony A. Makabo
Central Honiara