I must congratulate Mr Solomon Saiki for declaring to the public through this forum the business initiatives he has undertaken to start a mining company on Guadalcanal. I wish you well in your future endeavours and encourage you to stick to your vision! The road ahead is tough but if you believe in yourself, I am pretty sure your dreams will come true!

Interestingly enough, had I not posed the two questions in my previous postings, I am pretty sure, Mr Saiki would not have been coerced to provide the kind of response he gave!

May I add in passing that it is sometimes not proper to accuse persons whom you do not have the faintest idea about, particularly in the media. Lest your forget; I am Jone Taite, and not a pseudonym or your deceased friend; coincidently I bare this name!

Finally, there is no need for you to be defensive! Just because you did not agree with what you stated originally does not qualify you to correct your critics! The reason I am making this statement is because what you actually stated was:

"Really, all mining companies with no exception are here just to rip-off our poor resource owners".

Both of us need to be reminded that individuals do not only make their own interpretations or make meaning of what others say, but they also draw their own conclusions based on their judgments of what they read and hear. In this context, your defence in saying that you "never said we don't need investors" is utterly senseless!