Dear editor,

I would also like to contribute on the above subject. First of all, I would like to this time out to congratulate Congratulate the team Solomon contingent to Cook Islands SPG mini games, especially to Votu and Babalu for showing other south pacific island countries that we still "can" in terms of sports. As a Solomon islander, I would like to add that you have done us proud with your achievements so far.

Secondly, I would like to contribute on the issue of awarding the athletes. I support Dave Smith when he said that rewarding someone is not only through money but through providing better facilities and training equipment. I think the government should build maybe one or two national stadiums and name them after the two gold medal winners. In this way, not only will it motivates both gold winners to be best achievers but also encourage and motivate other athletes to achieve the best or improve themselves because they have the best facilities (national stadium) to train on. This might be costly for the government however look at this investment in the long run. More youths will be the ones that benefit from this investment. And this maybe a good investment for a youthful population in Solomon Islands.

This applies to other popular sports in the country like football (bonito), futsal (Kurukuru) and beach soccer (bilikiki). They too have done the country proud and they need recognition from the government. So provide similar facilities and training equipments for them so that they too can achieve the best results for the country.

Ating hem nomoa...or what do you think???

GO SOLO GO!!!!!!!