Sentiments expressed re the above are indeed valid. Opinion expressed by TSI is that what Hon Rini did was legal but that he has misused hie discretionary powers. We need expert opinion on the "legality" of Rini's decision. That aside I am of the opinion that Rini's action is a despicable demonstration of the poor decision-making and leadership, or lack of it, that has marked his term in Parliament. The greatest help he would do for the Marovo people is for him to decide against his egotistical and sefl-centred intentions to contend again in the upcoming national general elections. By doing very little, if anything at all, for the people in his constituency for the past 12 years, he has done more harm than good. But if he can sacrifice the pride of our nation, and disregard the independence and professionalism of the judiciary by the unfortunate decision he has taken, then he can do whatever he likes with the "little people" of Marovo who, nevertheless, will still vote for for him. How apropriate are the words of Jesus the "blind" leading the "blind" will all fall into a ditch.