Dear Editor, let me comment on the accusation delivered by the PM on the media under the above heading. I am glad that the PM admitted to blame the government's own weakness in terms of the lack of reporting of their performance and programs. This is a clear indication of incompetence within his own office.

To report on all the 'goods' that the government purports to be doing, it is not the responsibility of the media but rather the government communications department. The media is accountable to the government as equally to the public. The CNURA government should not be expecting the media to be reporting in their favor.

They need to step up the government communications department to play the role to educate the public about their purported 'good' initiatives that have long term implications to enable the people to see the big picture. However, one might also question the reliability and integrity of information directly disseminated by government as it might only contain propaganda and gimmicks to paint a colourful picture in their favor.

Hence, the role the media plays in selective reporting (which unfortunately to the discomfort of the PM) is very vital to bring sensitive issues under the spotlight. This process itself is educational as people will express their stance and views on such sensitive issues. In any sport, when you play the game right, you don't attract the referee's attention.

Furthermore, there are differences in the interest of our people in the various initiatives undertaken by the government so for sure there will be varying opinions on issues. It is a significant responsibility of any government to take views and opinions of people and media (be it favorable or opposing) into constructive mode to improve, etc.

Government needs to educate people more about what they claim to be implementing for the 'peoples' good but must also accept that selective reporting as it brings out the sensitivities of key issues.