Dear Mr. Editor,

Thank you again for having given me space to respond to Jone Taite's misguided outburst against my last letter.

I want to respond directly to the challenge made by the said ghost writer who used the name of Jone Taite a friend of mine who passed away last year for drunkardness.

Frankly speaking, we the resource owners of the Island of Guadalcanal are now embarking of establishing our very own "Guadalcanal Resources Holding Limited" that will develop our natural resources. Each and every landholding tribes on Guadalcanal will have a share in this company and it will be registered by early January 2010.

All landowners of Guadalcanal are encouraged to be a partner to this Holding Company so we can prove to people like the one masquerading under the name of my late good friend Jone Taite. I never said we don't need investors, we need them as long as they are genuine and will not rip us off.