Dear Editor,

Lately, Alfred Sasako bombarded our printed media with his articles about Kelvyn Alp / Pheonix International more particularly in the issue of the so called mining company area of operations. If you have a map of Guadalcanal you can see that from the centre of Pheonix International proposed operations, a 50-square kilomteres area goes up to Honiara City and as far as Small Ngella and as far as the bottom of Pacific Ocean!

I urge Alfred Sasako, Kelvyn Alp and Peter Auga, the Mines Director to come clean on this very issue I'd been asking them for several months now. So as they are exposed, they are changing coordinates and more likely it will go beyond Small Malaita? Profit sharing, now Kelvyn Alp admitted it will be after tax which means his luxurious and expensive living at Pacific Casino will be paid for by the Landowners as part of the mining operational expenses! Really, all mining companies with no exception are here just to rip-off our poor resource owners. I'm just hoping that a new government in 2010 will change all of these blatant ripping of our resources by so called white and yellow investors! As a parting question I would like to ask Alfred Sasako if how much Kelvyn Alp paid him to be the spokeman for Pheonix International?