Dear Editor,

I would appreciate you include in my take on the above subjects in your column. Kulekana E. had raised two important questions that I fully agree with and surely deserve some explanations by the Finance Minister.

$261m is too significant for PEC (with Rini a member) to deny any knowledge of it when awarding its entitlements. Would the PM & his Finance minister care to explain more in detail how the global financial crisis could have caused this huge discrepancy in the budget?

The justifications given by Rini for his self-made decision to release the 'forfeited to the State' tug-boat raises more questions than answers. Surprisingly, the PM & Caucus accepted. Whether the boat owner was involved or not is irrelevant and I believe our highly taught Chief Justice have taken this into consideration when delivering his judgment. Whether the undeclared good on board that tug-boat were illicit and globally illegal commodities is also irrelevant.

These decisions by Rini, which unfortunately were accepted by the current Government set very dangerous precedence for the country and worse still they are yet again another sellout of our country's sovereignty and people's welbeing at the hands of foreigners.

It was reported repeatedly in the media that the tender of the the tug-boat could easily fetch between $8m - $10m. Would this a premium opportunity to reclaim some of those $261 shortfall?

Lastly but not least, PM was very confident in coming out public with his (and caucus) acceptance of Rini's explanations regarding the tug-boat saga but absolutely nothing was mentioned on Rini's refusal to revoke the PEC awards.

One can only deduce that the only issue to stablize the rift in CNURA was to accept his explanation of his decision and disregard his refusal so every MPs gain. Only heaven knows what goes on behind the scenes.

I would again like to join Kulekana seeking any explanations from the PM & Rini on PECs knowledge of the $261m shortfall and how the global financial crisis might be attributed to the cause of such a significant discrepancy. Thanks.