Dear Editor,

Whilst appreciating the reform that is done on the current Electoral Act to meet the changes taking place, I disagree with the sentiments echoed by Mr.Karani and Keniapisia that the current Electoral Act paves ways for corrupt practices during elections. There is nothing wrong with the current Electoral Act, the problem lies on the candidates themselves and those who administer the said Act, as, the Act, as it is, clearly defines boundaries on the election process. It is when candidates and those who administers the election process started to be greedy and hunger of power that the current Electoral Act is abused. The Act stemmed from its originality do not intend to encourage corrupt practices. If it was for that purpose, the Act should not have been legislated.

However, as the society changes so do the need for the Act to make provision to cater for the changes. But not for reasons as stated by Mr. Karani and Keniapisia.
It is when one started misusing the election money etc that the blaming syndrome started to come up. Be realistic and campaign clean.