Firslty, i'd like to thank writers for sharing and giving ideas on various issues that that are affecting our beloved country at the moment.

I would like to share some simple points also on some of the issues that are now catching the headlines at the moment especially the asking of the PM to step down.

Point 1. Leave the current Prime Minister to continue and finished his job in the office as there is limited time left before the next general election.

Point 3. I'm from his constituency and I can speak from what is now happening back in my home that this Prime Minister is a man who 'promises' but does not seem to deliver. If there is no money to back up the promises then just stick to the limits. May be few days before the general elections and then we will see the promises being delivered, that is possible.

Point 3. The right time to call for him to step down is during the next general elections.

Point 4. Please, my beloved Solomon Islanders, choose the right leaders to lead our country in the next general elections.

There's lots more, but I think this points should be enough for any right minded person to read and understand.

Thank you and God bless Solomon Islands.