Dear Editor,

The good performance put on by our veteran athlete Mr Votu and young prospective athlete Miss Babalu at the Mini South Pacific Games should be congratulated and rewarded for they have done us pride. These are the type of people well deserved for the reward of $50,000.00 as they have done us pride by flying the SI flag high above our fellow Pacificians, and not the MP's spouse. The government through the Ministry of Women & Sports should think about rewarding these great athletes who has made us proud of being one nation Solomon Islands.

Isn't it a good idea to consider rewarding our great athletes who sacrificed and has done alot just for the sake of our nation and sports? or Hao reward for misis nomoa and reward fo iu seleva nomoa gud?

The SIG should do more good to at least reward our athletes who made us proud and bring the reputation of the nation fly above our the other Pacificians. Go Solo, Go.