Dear Editor

While I may have had some issues with the PM and his government, I do feel that having him resign at this juncture is not justified.

My main reason for saying this is intertwined with the time frame between now and the next general election. This period is far too short to be playing politics. Any new government will not have the luxury of time to implement theirn policies and carry out any necessary changes that would benefit all Solomon Islanders. If anything, there are some important pending business which I feel the current government would do justice to in implementing.

While the general public is baying for the downfall of the CNURA government, I feel people should wait patiently for the next elections to implement their intention. During this world economic melt down, (which has also affected Solomon Islands) the last thing the country needs is to exacerbate the effects of the economic crisis by creating instability internally. Peace to all.