What is the use of calling on the PM to step down at the 'eve' of the next general election? How would his resignation or termination from office as PM help to alleviate the issues the country is currently facing?

While I agree that the PM is answerable to the mishaps that the country is currently going through, I do not think he is playing a lone game here. Therefore, his decisions and actions are not his own, but that of the entity that is currently looking after the affairs of our country. Moreover, I would like to think that some of the issues currently facing our country are not caused by the current government, but by successive governments over the last 31 years. Hence, if anyone wishes to call on the PM to step-down from office, then he/she might as well call for the termination of all current Ministers of the crown.

I cannot really make sense of what people like Daniel Ete are trying to get at when they commented on how the PM looked in a photo that appeared at the front page of the Solomon Star, some time ago. Did he mean to say that the PM is not that photogenic, or what?

May I suggest that we refrain from making defamatory comments that are directed at an individual's physical appearance, let alone how our PM was portrayed on photos that are printed in the public media when we try to critic his leadership qualities and capabilities. Put in other words, let us not make personal attacks on our leaders. Rather, we should just focus our comments on the issues we need to comment on. If it is to do with leadership qualities and capabilities, then we need to focus on those alone.

Furthermore, we need to provide enough evidence and concrete data to substantiate our arguments on the issues we raise. Judging from the comments made by Ete, I do not think he knew the PM enough to make the comments he made about his qualification and experience in politics. Mind you, Ete, the PM was a PS for many years before becoming a politician, so he is more knowledgeable about politics in the SI than some of the current MPs, before taking on politics. In regards to his PhD, he does have a PhD in education, but his study covered broader issues on leadership at the national level. This qualifies him to become a national leader, just like any other person you might think of. I believe the current PM is a capable leader, except that he has the wrong people in his 'boat'.

I like Katie's analysis and discussions on issues surrounding politics in SI. She painted a more wholesome picture of the current situation relating to politics in our country, which challenges each one of us to think more carefully about who we would like to become our parliamentary representative in the next parliament. Good one, Katie.