Dear Sir/Madam,

Grateful indeed for your kind consideration to include this letter in the "Letters to the Editor" column of the next issue of your paper - Solomon Times Online.

I am writing because I feel deeply indebted to return a word of "thank you" to all those who have written through this same paper - Solomon Times Online to convey to me their messages of congratulation, best wishes, and prayers on my election as the next bsihop of the Diocese of Temotu in the Anglican Church of Melanesia on date 30th August 2009.

I find peace, strength, and confidence to move on into this new ministry as bishop from the spirit of unity, support, and prayers shown towards me (and my family) by the whole church (all of you).

My wife and children join me in sending to you our deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to you all for your support to us and we wish to assure you of our special thoughts and prayers.

To you Warwick Sitana at QLD Australia, palahenga epaine oto liutaha ma'a hahie mwai haiwala maea kire kei kei mai mwanio. Kire ine nga mwai haiwala ani noruto'onga hu! A ini mauri muni e io maio na eha'adianao, daumwanga ioe na mwai hainikena ioe taraurie hu.

Fr. George A. Takeli
Bishop Elect - DOT
Pacific Theological College
Suva - Fiji.