I support the recent call by former GG Sir Baddley Devesi for the Prime Minster to step down. True, the PM has lost control over his ministers and their dirty dealings. Remember too in in his response over the Parliament Entitlements (PE), he said that his government does not know anything about these PE's.

I can recall the PM on the front page of the Solomon Star, standing infront of a wheel. It made him look silly to say the least. What did the picture mean then but a laughable one. From day one, I did not have confidence in the PM. Why? Because he has never been in politics hence does not have what it takes to be a PM; he does not have the experience. To be an ordinary MP would have been proper for him. Of course, one can say he has a PhD. But don't forget that his PhD is in education and not politics nor leadership.

So the right thing is for the PM to step down instead of making a complete fool of himself by becoming a puppet for other's agenda's.

If I were to choose between Dr. Sikua and Sogavare of my selection for the PM post, I would choose Sogavare with a 101% marks. Sogavare was firm in his leadership and has Solomon Islands at heart which I admire.