First I would like to thank Tara for his well defined sitation [senario] depicting Honiaras current family experiences today.

Today we can only blame the marriage couple to have been percieved uneducated, unchristian, uncultured, irresponsible, childish and immatured. Solomon Islands irresponsible family heads today have forgotten or undermind the family/marriage values, vows and principles in life.

This is due to various factors:

a. Economic hardships.
Such hardships faced by families heads may lead on to more stress which would lead on to family arguments and conflicts,The above problems would force Bread winners to go to extremes to make ends meet.Such dielemmas would lead wives resort to finding easy $ money or night clubbing which would demoralise the family some more. While the wife is out in another night club the husband is out in another.
Who is to be blammed?

b. Un-taught.
Children and youth [both males and females ]have spent very little time at home with parents due to educations,work and masta liuing , residing in with extended family member.In such,moral advice,societal values.and principle in life have not been indoctrinated to them.
who is to be blame?

c. Development today is persived faster than our rate of cultural adoption.Thus,Our young imatured generation of married spouses experience culure shock. Shock results in the type of foods introduced,dressing and life style and so?Who are we suppose to bame?

d. Peer presure is a very dangerous activity.when men and woman accompany wrong crowds.such as the [02] the bible says soon or later you just like be them so stay away from such or soon you will be coorupted.

e. Cultural normalsy [trend]
The few visits that I make to the solomon, in -addition to the my observation and my interviewees, 'They claim that it has become a culture for men to have an 02 as well as women. There are alot of family breakdowns due to the so-called 02 trend and tradition. Children, men and females talk and joke about it as normal. Women who decided to be faithful for the sake of their children felt there is nothing they can do about it. All they say is that they are used to it by now. In public, there is a general consensus. Who is to be blamed?

f. drug and subtance abuse
Drug and substance abusers fall in love from night clubs and so eventually get married.what do you think their family is going to be like, who are you going to blame? They do not even attend church.

g. Less dependence on God. Most of all the problems faced today in our families are due to our lifestyle with God. Most of the young couples I met in the solomons have not prioritize or value God. They do not even go to church. Others however attend church for sake of critisisms from kins and neigbours. Therefore, when faced with problems, such couples search outside to solve their problems. Thus, looking for companys that would lead them astray some more...who is going to be blamed?