Like others, the short story posted by Professor Tara is a creative piece and cleverly written. However, I personally think that the twist at the end, daughter taking the law into her own hands, is not appropriate for reasons alluded to by Viulu. But I guess that is exactly where the author intends to leave us - to arouse exchanges among readers on the growing social problem in Honiara.

On another matter, in many countries, the use of propofol or anesthesia is strictly limited to hospital use only, especially in surgical theaters during operations. It is prohibited to be used for any other purposes outside the hospital or be easily accessible to anyone including health workers for use at home. The question is, Is propofol common in homes in Honiara like choloroquine or aspirin etc? Are health workers allowed to take or keep propofol in their respective homes? "Till Debt do us Part" seems to depict that propofol, a lethal drug for surgical use only, is easily available at homes in Honiara.