"The Prime Minister calls on all public servants, including SIPEU members to work hard and serve the country and people at this difficult time." I quote this from the Solomon Times recent article.

In my opinion the Prime Minister should step down. The fact remains that his leadership qualities are undermining the Sovereignty of this nation. It looks like his government does not have any policies and strategies. They don't have focus and plans for the future of this country. What they did in the past months are only for their own benefits and of a few elite entities of which they are involved. We can see now that his ministers are confused, each one has his own say in whatever see fit and not according to the best interest of this nation. Where is our Primie Minister?

He asked Solomon Islanders to work hard while some of his ministers seem to be filling their own pockets with public funds and assets. Whether there are evidences to prove these allegations or not, what remains clear is, many unanswered questions remain.

Finally, what we should consider at this point is that weak government is a focal point for outside interference and influence into our political system and Sovereignty, and at the end of the day, ordinary Solomon Islanders will NEVER have any benefit.