The recent call made by Sir Baddley Devesi is not only interesting but also controversial. It is interesting because Mr. Devesi has expressed a strong opinion that the controversies surrounding the current Government's dealings should be used profusely to coerce Mr. Sikua to relinquish his role as the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands. It might be controversial because Mr. Devesi is often not vocal about summoning leaders to relinquish their positions having tasted what it is like at the realm. But this time around, Mr. Devesi has 'pushed the button' and so he did openly criticised the incumbent PM and his leadership qualities.

The Sikua led government has been measured unpopular in the following areas recently; Antech Computer Saga, Parliamentary Entitlement Awards and the outrageous actions of Minister of Finance. But the questions I am struggling to find answers to are;

Is there sufficient evidence to suggest that the current PM acted alone and in his accord, made those decisions that have caused public uproar in recent months? Or are there "rotten apples" within the current regime; MPs who may have appeared 'dormant' but only recently discovered to have executed their "pay-back" tacit successfully and have damaged the PM's image?

May I also ask: Is it coincident that the initiator of the parliamentary entitlement award is also involved in the fiasco with Earth Movers and was also cowed and removed disgracefully through an act of arson? Some people might say there are no direct links between the events ascribed and the characters! Fair enough! But lest we forget; for every situation in our natural and physical world and perhaps the cosmological world, there are universal laws that apply, which are used to explain situations that occur; hence there is a 'cause and effect' or 'action and reaction'. I bet our current PM has his own characteristics but are the issues raised against his government recently concrete enough to ask him to step-down? Or should the PM be bold and 'fire' those who are causing trouble in his government?