Dear Editor,

Please allow me to share my opinion on the call for the Prime Minister to step down made by the former Governor General Sir Badley Devesi.

I could say that the statement made by the former Governor neither right nor wrong..why?

Evidently, the previous Government lead by the former prime Minister who is currently the leader of the opposition was more Dictatorship as stated by the public at that time..this is another side of using the power as claim by the former Governor. I think it is not right to be a Dictator. And for a leader to be a Dictator is not good as well.

However, I support the statement which Sir Badley stated that the Prime minister is not using his power...however the important thing is that..I think the Prime Minister is doing the right thing..why is it? It is because the decisions reach in all affairs of the country neither good nor bad was from the cabinet ministers.

I could say it is right as for the good or bad outcomes of the decisions is fair for all the provinces...why?? The cabinet ministers are from different ministries...and furthermore they are from different provinces....representing all of us...

Remember...the election is getting closer..choose the one you trust..but remember we cannot heal the mind...the one you trust could be the worst. Thus no leaders could meet your expectation.

Tagio Tumas