Dear editor please allow a space to reply to Mr. Viulu's disagreement on conclusion of the aboved titled article by Tara.

Of course we can disagree with some parts of his writing. But to deny the fact that children to take the law into their own hands because of their parents problems is unrealistic today.

I heard and read about such cases happened in our neigboring countries, around the world, and even in our own societies. I witnessed a case of same nature happened in Honiara last year when the son nearly killed his own father for punching his mother as a result of an argument of the father been around with another woman in town. So Viulu please wake up and see the reality of how serious such issue can spoil our societies.

I know you are worried about the impact of the concluding could influence the perception of our high school students to take the law into their own hands, if Iam right. Of course, but the other side of the coin it alarms the people who are involved in such practice to put a stop, or be careful and prepare for the worst (i.e. even the children will share in the problem they innocently part of).

Iam sorry, but I don't want to defend Dr. Tara's conclusion. But it is a revelation to each and all of us who want to have our families.