Dear Editor, it is fascinating yet disturbing to learn of the current commotions allegedly unfolding within the CNURA ranks, which perhaps prompted former GG Sir Baddley Devesi to make a rather compelling call on the PM to step down or aside.

Given the tone of the coverage of the verbal exchanges allegedly transpired last Friday between Minister of Finance and Minister of Education, one can only deduce that PM Sikua & CNURA might be heading into more turbulence. The two said ministers are two key members of CNURA government - hence they might be ripping PM Sikua by pulling him in opposite directions.

Solomon Star reported that a senior minister stated that the PM needs to sack or reshuffle his Finance Minister - a call emanating from his (Finance Minister's) renegade actions / decisions against the PM & Caucas. Thus, there seemed to be anti-Rini sentiments exerted within CNURA, which is a call for alarm and it would be interesting what the next move PM will take to defuse this emerging commotion.

My personal take on this recent development is one of deliberate cause for CNURA within CNURA ranks itself. The renegade decisions by Rini to refuse the revoking of the controversial PEC awards might be fueled by CNURA factions that are supportive of the awards and don't want to see it annulled. As for Rini's decision to release the tug-boat that has been forteited to the state back it its owner, one only speculate on the connections Rini have with the owner of the company. There might be other possible reasons though.

However, the important issue is that CNURA's days might be numbered and counting down. There are prominent influences within CNURA that also has the potential to be highly repulsive hence neutralizing Sikua's purported influence within CNURA and weakening the strength of his grip on power.

I hope the national interest of the country remains afloat within CNURA and not CNURA's political greed and self-serving epitome.