I read an article about the pathetic and poor domestic service of our national airline and its only reminds me again of the many encounters and same experiences we had while travelling from Kaghau to Honiara.

Once I had my excess luggage off loaded when I was ready to pay only to find out later that most of the weight was all taken up by that person who own the airfield. Whether he pays for his freight or not is a my big question mark to date.

On another occassion, few relatives from Waghena had to travel to Kaghau airfield as their ticket was already paid for in Honiara. Travelling from Waghena to Kaghau is very expensive as you've got to purchase fuel which is about $60/gallon and you will need approximately 5 gallons so you have to spend $300 per trip. This is in addition to the air ticket cost. Frustratingly, these travellers were advised by the same fellow that he will only accommodate those whose ticket were bought from him in Kaghau. These poor fellas from Waghena had to travel back on canoe again waiting for the next flight which will cost them another $300.

In a village, loosing $300 or $600 a week is a huge money and I felt very sorry for these travellers. Incidentally, during the same encounter he was trying to tell one of the travellers, married to a Lauru lady, that he was not going too on that flight. The man stood his ground and very courageously told him that, no way my ticket had been paid in Honiara and I'm definetly flying with my family. This man knew his right and he flew. Unfortunately for my wantoks who are so kind hearted, they had to miss that flight and their space taken up by the loggers.

Sometimes, it becomes confusing when you're in situations like these and you begin to ask, who na owner blong Solomon Airlines?

No wonder Solomon Airlines em no save grow because some fela yia tink em blong olgeta. Me shame on behalf no moa.