Can Honorable MP Oti and his party explain to us the reason for skipping the forum retreat? Clearly, if the forum meeting is not a priority for government, why go in the first place? What did they get in that meeting or hope to get? Or was it another overseas trip for extra traveling allowance in USD?

The funny thing is we are already begging Taiwan, behaving like a real parasite to that country and yet the MP's decide to just skip the re-treat. Why not save those coins used in the trip to fund the many projects that we request to Taiwan to fund?

Is there intense fear of Aussie and NZ on our disappointments with RAMSI? If RAMSI is not doing a good job, attend the post Forum meeting and explain our situation to them.

The forum is not just about Australia and New Zealand, the whole Pacific community will also be at the retreats. What did the Minister and his team gain by boycotting the forum re-treat? Nothing! Probably except a waste of poor Solomon Islanders tax payers' money. Really nobody cares whether we attend or not, even if we think this is the smartest way to register our disappointment with Aussie and NZ.

At the end of the day, solutions will not occur overnight nor will they come out of Aussie, NZ or Taiwanese brains but out of Solomon Islanders. If this is part of that thinking process then, if this is anything to go by, actions to be taken in the future are honestly worrying.