Much have already been said about the Dr. Tara's short story; themes/content and morals measured in relation to important societal values.

I would like to share my one-cent comment on the short-story too.

Generally, the family "twists and turns" (to use Patricia Rodi's words) are interesting. This is because the consequence of the "family downs" made Beti to resort to a strategy which took her to the hospital. There must have been no other option(s) hence she resorted to that strategy!

I believe the "family downs" or the "twists and turns" which led to Beti's tragedy are important to measure against the backdrop of the current family laws.

Do the current family law(s) take that into account in order to address issue(s) relating to divorce?

I like Associate Professor's short story because it looks and picks out family "twists and turns" that are important consideration(s)/implication(s) for law reform in the area of family law in Solomon Islands.