Thumbs up to Prof. Tara for his excellent piece of work and the clear cut messages depicted in his story.
However, I would like to register my disagreement over the story's concluding remarks.
Whilst I am just a nobody, not even close to the academic qualifications of the writer, I hereby humbly wish to raise the possible implications of the writer's concluding remarks. Are children going to take laws into their own hands and risk their own lives by taking the life of their own maternal father? Children are always depicted as the most likely innocent victims in any family feud or breakups but, not anymore.
I hope children will not resort into taking adult issues into their own hands as depicted in the story, for I must say that during my high school days, this writer's other piece of work including public debates published in the media print outs such as solomonstar are avidly followed by high school students.
Ting ting nomoa.