Dear Editor,

I would also like to comment on the story entitled "Till Debt do us Part", which was featured in this column, as well as in the Private Views' column in the Solomon Star Newspaper, some days ago.

First and foremostl, may I join others in commending the author for the excellent, creative piece of writing, which I believe has provoked the thoughts, and captured the attention of many readers, like I did.

Whilst I agree, and can relate well to some of the comments made so far in relation to this story, I am always of the opinion that there are 'three sides' to a story-the characters', the writer's and the readers' perspectives. Therefore, how one interprets, makes meaning, and reacts to a story depends on how they make sense of it, based on their own experiences, values, beliefs and contexts.

Like previous commentators, the story, to me, portrays the 'twists and turns' of married life, or some of the social issues and harsh realities that some couples, or families, have experienced, or are experiencing, due to socio-economic changes in our society in recent times. Certainly, these changes have affected our socio-cultural beliefs and values, which led to the breakdown of social, cultural, moral, and religious values in many families, and in our society as a whole.

Such experiences, as those depicted in the story, may cause men/women to make decisions and choices to deal with the social issue/s they are faced with in a manner that may compromise their own values and belief systems.

Sadly though, some men and women opted for 'the way out' without taking into serious consideration the impact their decisions and choices may have on their children for the rest of their lives. As a result, children have become innocent victims of situations that are not of their making, as Derick has alluded to earlier on.

I believe that there are a lot of lessons, in regards to family life, or wife & husband relationship that could be learnt from the story concerned. I agree with those who suggested that we should have more of such stories shared through our local media, so that people can read it, and reflect on their own lives, in order to make a change for the better.

It would be even better if any of our local drama groups could act out this story in a play, of course, with permission from the author.