Thank you Author, a very emotional story and to some extent depicts many realities in our societies. As Andrew and Giano had expressed, there are many different actors involved in the story and there are other lessons we can learn from the moral of the story. In fact, I just want to think that, even though some of us may stereotypically see the husband as the culprit, it is also good to consider all the actors within a family unit.

God being the originator of family had also given a manual for families, He gave the best instructions in the Bible. According to how and why He created us, He gave instructions to all the actors within a family; husband (father), wife (mother) and children. However, today we have come up with our own manuals that suit how we see and want things to be. Our behaviours and our expectations have changed because we have formulated our new manuals. We have new perceptions as to how, what and why the different actors within a family should behave or act.

Today, moral relativism is confusing most of our societies. The issues of human rights, women rights, children rights, animal rights and all other rights have influenced us to see life and its values in many different frames of references which caused a lot of moral dilemmas to many. Apparently, some may say that life has changed over the years and so many things have changed too. This is very true in many aspects. But, although life is dynamic, I think that, God's principles of how family members suppose to be, were, are and will still be the same. He never changes, so are His principles.

So instead of pointing fingers to some of the characters in such a story, it is also wise to consider what all the actors in such a story should play. If we don't follow the manual that God has given to all the actors within a family then such a scenario depicted in the story is inevitable. So we need to play our parts using God's manual within our families in order to make our homes a better place. Let's pray that our families will go back to the basics, the principles laid out in the bible. Tagio tumas.