Dear Editor,

I would also like to contribute to Prof Tara's very creative piece of writing which indeed has presented a grim of the many realities that our people face today in the soceity.

The story depicts a prevalence of struggle and retribution in society,a reality that is not within the focus lens of our leaders. It brings to light the reality in our society today, especially the break-down of societal values due to social change and westernisation.

When all hopes have failed, and all expectations seem too far to be fulfilled and coupled with human immoratlity and financial incapability, there is no serenity in the human mind and human conscience no longer serves as an useful tool for sanity.

Ihe irony is that increasingly in our society today Tome can also be less of the 'perpertrator' than being the 'victim' as Beti's role in the society changes to be the breadwinner or being equal to Tome. Increasingly, the children has become the victims of thier parents actions.

Hem noma..