Dear Editor,

What is SINTA trying to prove? I am of the opinion that SINTA should only deal with matters of concern to the welfare of teachers.

There are already enough organization both government and NGO to deal with the problems of prostitution. Prostitution is just one of the problems associated with development. How can you eliminate it. If the government is serious then it must ensure that young people of certain age should not go to clubs...or on the other hand close down all the clubs.

What is does one defines prostitution...just because it happens between foreigners and local girls people are now so concern. It was happening in the past with politicians and students and no body said anything or were concern about it.

There was a time when prostitution was practised as part of culture in one part of the Solomon Islands . You have to read those thesis stacked in the libraries to find out.

I do not in any way support prostitution but to have SINTA involved in dealing with it is beyond my understanding. Does that mean that SINTA has no more work to do?

May be its time SINTA creates a website that teachers can see what you have achieved so far, what your future endeavours are for teachers what you have not achieved as well as for the purpose of transparency the type of enumeration you are getting.

There is no point discussing all of these situations happening at home because the reality is that all of these problems are part of globalization. It also shows the break down one talk support system.

There is more to come worst still there will be hunger and other problems because all of the systems we copied from the west are destined to fail.


Thank you.