Dear Editor - I would like to express my thank you to my friend, the author of the piece of the above heading. While the story hammered on the head some of the harsh realities, it also address all three dimensions of a family unit - mother, father & children. Hence all have something to learn from in this story.

May I also bring under this same light the invaluable contribution made by popular Ian Ronnie with his hit song 'MAMA KARAE' in the 90s. This song had touched many people that I knew as kid hence driving them to make a change for the better. The piece written by Tara is also equally powerful to help reshape peoples' lives.

What I would ask of our media fraternity is to repeatedly feature such impactful stories / songs through their various mediums in order to deliver the punch for creating better individuals and society.

Thanks Tara & Ian for the contributions. It is up to individuals and society to absorb for the better.